Why Are Sitemaps Important To Get Large Websites To Rank In Google or Yahoo

Many website owners are constantly on the lookout for ways to get their websites to rank on Google and Yahoo search engines. The larger the website is, the more pages of content that need to get indexed in order to move the site up the organic search rankings. Utilizing many of the tips and tricks that you find only can offer a temporary solution, but many times those efforts are short lived and the pages fall in the rankings quickly. Implementing a sitemap on larger sites is one of the best ways to get a website ranked. Here are some of the reasons that your website simply must have a sitemap if you want to rank in your niche.

The more content that is on your website, the more the search engine spiders will crawl your pages. The more you add fresh content, the more frequently your content is crawled and indexed. The sitemap is similar to a road map showing you how to travel along the highway to your destination. This sitemap is the tool that the search engine spiders use to easily navigate their way around the pages of your website. The sitemap is a single page of content that the search engines use to understand the overall structure of the website. Without a sitemap, the spiders just crawl the pages aimlessly without giving any authority to pages that have similar content or relevant content.

The sitemap shows the search engines spiders at Google and Yahoo all the pages on your website and the links within those pages to additional content. This makes navigation easier and helps to get all the pages indexed much faster than if the spiders had to crawl and find those pages on their own. Using the sitemap like a road map, the spiders can find relevant and linked content instantly. In the past the sitemap was designed to help users quickly find pages on the website they needed. Now that the search engine spiders rely so heavily on them, is is even more important that larger websites have one in place.

The biggest benefit to having a sitemap on larger sites is that as soon as you add new content to the website the search engines are notified. Regardless of the changes to the pages on the website, the spiders are notified by the sitemap and crawl the pages again. This ensures that not only is fresh content getting ranked faster, but that the searchers will find the website much faster when there are constant updates being made by the search engines. The sitemap will allow larger websites to stop relying so heavily on external links to attract visitors because the spiders will add more content to the organic search results.

Here is an example of a sitemap we put together for a loan customer using a plugin from wordpress designed to update weekly or monthly.

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