What Lies Ahead For SEO and Web Three Point Zero

You should start your SEO with effective on site webpage optimization, link building while important pales in comparison to this. More than ever search engines are ranking websites with two qualifiers, internal linking structure and your web content. Link building without good on site search optimization isnít going to be as effective plain and simple. Search engines have evolved greatly this is no longer 2005 where you could just buy some cheap links and spam profile links and do black hat tactics like referrer spam to get ranked. Today Google places a lot of importance on your site itself. Many webmasters think that their sites are perfect but there is always room to tweak and improve your website.

Build up quality content for your website, not only will search engines take due notice and give you loving but so will your website visitors. Having a website that sells something is great but you need to offer more than just services and products in today’s day and age unless your a big name brand like Sears and have just your name and brand loyalty to attract online sales. Customers appreciate having information and having a fully interactive site that is worth taking their time to explore. When it comes to your website you need to ask yourself “Would I buy from this website, does this website offer me value?” If the answer is no then tweak it to make your visitors experience there better. As I’ve said search engines are now crawling and rating sites much like human visitors will. You should have between 5 and 10 people review and rate your website. When reading reviews be sure to take criticism, detach your emotions from your creation, I know no one likes to hear criticism but if your website is to be the best in it’s niche you need to listen to what your viewers have to say about it. You might like the blaring pink flashing side bars you installed but your target audience likely wont and your test group will let you know.

After you have worked on this you can then worry about link building. Pro tip having great content will generate you backlinks that you do not need to work on. If you promote your website on social media you will generate a ton of back links over time if your content is on par.

Mobile is also starting to effect your search engine rankings drastically. If your website is not ranking well and you have not optimized your website for the full range of mobile devices out there that could be a great factor for your lower rankings. Sadly optimizing your website for mobile requires may require you to overhaul the entire website. Yet the time sink and money investment (assuming you do not code it yourself) is well worth the time and money spent since your users are increasingly surfing the web from the myriad variety of mobile devices out on the market today.

We need to remember that this is now web 3.0 not web 2.0 where cheap back links were the prime meat of your SEO. Right here and right now SEO rests on great content, on site optimization and quality backlinks from real users or from authority sites. If you put out great content you will get quality backlinks.

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