Make Better Use Of Social Media in 2016 With These Tips

In order to kick start your 2016 upcoming social media blitz you need to start with a carefully laid out plan. What are your businesses goals? Who are your targeted demographics? How does your target audience use social media? The answer to the last question will greatly determine which social media outlets to use and how you are going to use them. You also need to figure out what message you wish to send to your target audience. As far as goals social media can do the following:

* Increase your website traffic and garner return traffic provided your websites content has something to offer return visitors, IE a reason to come back.

* Social media can increase your conversions

* Social media can get people talking about your brand and bring you passive referrals.

* Create brand awareness and brand identity online

* Provide an interactive platform for you to directly interact with potential leads as well as past customers.

Just like websites for social media content is also king and crucial to your social media success. You should use a wide variety of content from articles to images to good videos to engage your target audience and hopefully have your target audience send out links to your content to their friends. Keep in mind that for images you will need to Optimize your images dimensions and sizing on the various social networks as they all differ. If you do not have images consider seeking out social media images that are under a creative commons license.

You can use social media not only to reach out to your own customers and potential leads but also your competitors. Your competition is on social media creating innovative methods and ways of reaching their customer base, and you can learn much by viewing your competitions efforts. Your competition can also provide you with valuable keyword knowledge, especially when it comes to long tail keywords. If you see a competitors social media efforts are working you can reverse engineer their efforts while adding your own twist to give it your own unique blend and make it not only your own method but a better method.

While your goal with social media is to gain your own followers, fans, likes and to link back to your own websites
and content, you should also link to great content from other sources and websites. Why you might ask? Simply put it gives an air of trust and reliability. It can also gain you some authority links in return, website owners often track back links to their content. If you find great content on your niche elsewhere your customers will find it great to and thank you for it! It is a free and easy method to gain reader trust and keep readers keep coming back to your social media pages and your main website.

If you want to increase your reach and brand awareness, consider trying social media PPC. Social media PPC is currently giving many business a higher ROI than Google ad-sense and search engine PPC. For one you can highly target who you want your ads served to. Secondly many small and medium sized businesses have seen great success with social media PPC. With social media PPC not only is keyword research vital just like regular PPC but also additional information such as your target audiences likes, sex, age groups etc etc.

If you want to succeed in social media marketing put forth good content, interact with your followers and client base, invest a moderate or even a small budget into PPC on social media. If you really want to take off offer contests, contests can become viral. If you offer a service consider giving the top 3 winners one service that you offer and a small cash prize for example, guaranteed the results will more than make up for the minor monetary loss of the prize money and service you provide 3 winners, the dividends will be plenty of links back to your webpage and social media and brand exposure. Ive said it many times and I will say it here again, social media when used correctly by marketers is never free, there is a cost, be it time or your money. One last piece of advice on social media marketing; keep it light and have fun with it, if you have fun doing your social media campaigns it will show and it in turn will energize your client base.

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