How to Properly Optimize Your Pictures for Best Search Results?

The role of images in Search Engine Optimization is often overlooked. For organic search results, images can be a valuable asset for driving traffic not just through image search, but also in generic search results. Image optimization involves lot of dimensions, including user experience, image optimization, better placement of images for search results, and easy sharing option on the social networking sites. Consider image optimization as optimizing a small webpage from your site. Image optimization for better search results would consider factors like descriptive tagging, URL structure, and anchor text.

If you want to know how to properly optimize your pictures and images for best search results, then following tips will be very beneficial

A Perfect Picture: You just cannot put any random eye-catching picture to your site, which does not relate. It is the wrong way of driving web traffic. Put exemplar images that really speak about your business. The picture placement could be on the home page, contact page, or ‘about us’ page. If you deal with products then put the actual image of the product. For intangible services, it is difficult to give a visual effect; however, there are other smarter ways to put image content in such cases. Purchase corporate images from online vendors. There are many sources from which you can buy a desirable picture for your corporate site.

Tag Pictures Appropriately: It is simple to upload your product’s pictures; do not keep the file name same as named by the camera, something like DCMIMAGE20.JPG or similar. Well, if you find it unimportant to assign an appropriate tag then it’s a mistake. Search Engine Optimization is much about keywords. Keywords play a prominent role in webpage ranking on search engines. For image optimization, creating keyword rich descriptive file names is the key factor. Apart from your web page text, the image file keywords are also being watched by the search engines.

Image Angles and Dimensions: Showing a product’s picture from all the angles is a common trend nowadays. For instance, if it’s a car, people would want to see the interior, wheels, rear, front, and every minute detail is likely to be watched closely. People expect to see multiple shots and not just one overall product picture. For the extra photo shots, the best way to do it is with the help of alt tags. Just create unique alt tags for every shot.

Uploading Speed: The speed at which pictures upload depends on the file size of the image. Google’s ranking algorithm includes page loading time also. You may have a high quality HD image in your site, but if it takes about 15 seconds to load, say goodbye to your visitor. The image should not take much time to load and that has to be taken care. So, the best way is to reduce the file size and increase the uploading speed.
Finally, for all types of SEO, clarity is must. Keyword stuffing is not going to create any positive difference. The alt text, file names, and captions should be short and meaningful. Image SEO is very important if you want better rankings in search engines.

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