Creative Ways For Gaining Traffic From Google Search Properties

First of all, I’d like to congratulate you on your savviness for recognizing that the internet is a powerful place to build your brand and increase the awareness of your business. At the same time I’m going to give you some simple information to get you started so that you can learn some of the best ways to get your business on Google. On our website, you will find plenty of information about what services we offer as a marketing company, but you will also find lots of detailed break-downs of how to do some of these things.

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But just so that you don’t get too overwhelmed, let me show you some of the key methods for getting the attention online for your business.

Getting A Business Found In Google

1. Your website

If you have a website, that’s typically not good enough. No one can find a website no matter how great looking it is if it’s not getting traffic to it. There are numerous ways to develop traffic to go to your website, but in terms of getting found in Google, the idea is to show up on page 1 of the search results.
This is primarily done through what’s called search engine optimmization. This is where your website is optimized to perform better in search. This could include a number of things such as:

• improving your site links structureusing specific keywords related to your business in your content
• correcting any bad links (that point to missing pages)
• improving your page descriptions
• mapping out better urls for your pages so that they contain the best keywords for your business
improving how your keywords are used in the title tags for your website’s content
• installing Google Webmaster tools to monitor any site issues
• installing Analytics to keep a close eye on how traffic is going to your website and where it’s coming from
• Building high quality backlinks to your site and it’s page to boost it’s search engine rankings

2. Your Social Pages

Social networking sites are super powerful right now, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon. Google Plus is one of the best, because it’s given local businesses the opportunity to really go in depth about what it is that they do. Here you can upload videos, images and post updates about your business. You can also optimize your social networking pages just like you can do for your own website.

The bottom line is that by setting up any web presence for your business the right way can give you targeted traffic and leads on down the road.

3. YouTube

Yes, if you have some instructional or Q&A videos relating to your expertise and business, you should be creating a branded YouTube channel and uploading them. If the right kind of keyword research is implemented, and these videos are optimized with the right titles, descriptions and tags, they can get ranked on the 1st page of Google’s search results if those keywords are low competition. This means that there aren’t as many web pages or content for those keywords that are indexed by a search engine. It’s the difference between going up against 1 million search results or just 10,000.

4. PPC
PPC stands for Pay Per Click advertising. There are many varieties of these. Bing has them too, and there are other platforms, but Google’s service is called AdWords. Those are the little ads that appear on the right-hand side of your Google search results. Literally, when someone clicks on your ad, you pay Google a certain amount. Depending on how many people are competing for a top ad spot, how relative your website is to the words used in your ad and how well optimized your website is, this pricing point is going to change. You have an AdWords quality score, which with a little tweaking can be improved. PPC is a little risky. Just because people are clicking on your ad, does not mean that you are going to get their business. You’re paying for leads. However, if you improve your quality score, you can lower your cost per click, and if your website really showcases your business and has the right message, then you can turn those clicks into customers. AdWords is very involved, but can be learned over time. It’s best to start with a small budget, be patient and burn a little bit of money for testing purposes until you get your system tweaked. Once this happens, it can really take off and you can develop a series of ad placements that work like

5. Google Places

Google Places is so powerful, that many business owners will sometimes find that it out performs even their own website in search. The same can be true of utilizing resources like FaceBook for business and Google Plus.
The reason that Google Places was introduced is because it’s not helpful for your business to be found by people from Oklahoma if you operate out of Michigan. So the idea is to make it more localized, by allowing you to list your place of operation’s address, phone number, reviews, etc. You can claim a local places listing, but will need to wait about a week to get a verification postcard in the mail. You mail this back to verify your listing. After this is done, your place of business will be pinned onto a Google map. So if someone types in a keyword such as “Columbus auto mechanics” or your business brand name, there’s a good chance that you will be one of the listings and will be featured on the map along with other businesses in your area and niche. Optimizing your Google Places properly, however, will help you climb past your competition and become the first listing that comes up.

Now that you’ve seen 5 basic methods for getting visibility to your business, you can now go more in depth in learning how to get your business on Google

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