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Improving Your Margins Through Up Selling Is Important With Online Ecommerce

In our everyday life we are exposed to up-selling all the time. Every time we go through the drive through we are asked if we would like to super-size this or that for 40 cents extra, or if we would like fries with that. At restaurants they offer to upgrade our drinks to premium spirits for a small extra fee. Online it plays out differently but the process is much the same.

Up-selling is just getting customers who are already committed to purchasing a product and are already engaged in the buying process to add more products to the shopping cart. The most effective way to do this is to encourage your customers to buy items that may be of higher interest to them based on what they are already viewing or buying on your website. You can also push higher end models of whatever they are buying if it would indeed suit their needs better.


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If you do up-selling and cross-selling correctly you can increase you online sales, potentially turn a one time customer into a repeat customer for life and maximize the ROI per lead. You work very hard for each and every single lead to get to the buying process so you should take every opportunity to capitalize on a customer already engaged in the buying process. That is where the art of the up-sell comes into play.

You can learn a lot from Amazon. They up-sell all the time. They pretty much invented the “if you like this item, you may also like…” technique. Every purchase on Amazon shows related products, upgraded models or accessories to what you are already buying. They do it because it works, it is proven to work or they would not be doing it. It is a simple matter of web code for your programmer to add a section which recommends products that you sell to a customer based off of what is already in their carts or even based off of which products they viewed the most on your website. Sure it will cost you to implement this in terms of hiring the labor to do it, but the ROI is well worth it.

You can learn a lot from Amazon. Ever wonder why they offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount? The customers shipping prices have already put them over this amount anyway, so added items are not costing anything to ship unless they order a mammoth amount of products when offered that free shipping. How to capitalize on this is understand the average order value of your sales, and set the minimum spend just above this amount. By doing this you encourage customers to throw in 1 or 2 additional items into their shopping cart when reaching checkout just to obtain the free shipping, and if shipping prices are set right, the extra item or three will not boost your shipping costs to much if at all on one, two or three items or more.

You can see where the above ideas add to your ROI, but you can go many different routes to achieve the same effect or make use of multiple different methods, such as offering customers a bundle price for 3 or more items. Bundles work especially well with related items, just work out the math so that it makes sense to offer a discount yet you still enjoy the profit of an up-sell. You want to focus on the discount will receive and money they will save versus the overall purchase price of course.

These are tried and true methods to increase your sales with online marketing. For more tips come back often.

Finding The Right Influencers and Sources Is Key Towards Growing Online in 2016

What is one of the big hurdles with online marketing? Reaching out to the masses of course. There are many ways to connect to your potential customer base and build up your business platform, so many ways in fact we often get lost in a sea of opportunity. The real problem is knowing which avenues to pursue, which avenues will lead us to success. The problem with online marketing is there are too many self proclaimed Guru’s all of which are trying to sell you the “secrets” to success.

I am going to give you one of the keys to success, I am not going to try and sell you anything like the so called Gurus do. These keys to online marketing work, but you have to apply them and you also need to customize them to suit your own personal needs.

Outreach and Spreading the word:
You need to get from being an unknown to people knowing that not only you exist, but who you are, what you offer and what makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd. What makes you different from everyone else? What makes your goods, products or services better than what else is out there? It could be your passion, your dedication or a multitude of other things, the key here is to convey that message in a way your customer base can relate with on a personal level.

Now the question is how to get the word out? There are several methods which work for me. One of which is seeking out influencers and doing Influencer marketing. This is simply searching for influencers who are using social media. The key here is to find ones in your niche or a related niche is even better, one that provides synergy to your niche. What is synergy with a niche? Lets say you promote health food, niches that provide synergy could be the diet niche and the supplement niche. So you just need to identify influencers in said niches. Influencers should not be confused with authority figures, authority figures might have knowledge and command of their niche but little influence. Influence as far as influencers go means these people who are experts in their field have a wide and far reaching hand in regards to reaching people and spreading the word about a given topic. These people can literally sway people into a course of action merely by word.

When you do identify these influencers what you need to do then is to engage with these influencers and turn them into advocates who share your content on social media. You provide some content which is valuable to their readership, and this content is free. Of course your links are in the body or at the footer to get word out about what you offer and who you are. By providing this free content the influencers readership has nothing to loose to hear what you have to say. If you provide information or content that has purpose and adds to their life you will become an authority figure with many of this readership and increase your brand awareness. If you can make it so these same people need to join your list to get the full free content offer the more the better here. That being said you cannot offer sub standard content, it has to provide real value. This is where many people fail.

The true value of an influencers is increasing your reach and brand awareness to untapped markets. You are making use of their network and their authority to your own ends.