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Google Adwords Tips For A Succesful Holiday Season In 2014

Google often puts out information every month to help marketers reach relevant target audiences. After all Google is all about relevance in search, and Google helps marketers do their job better if it means keeping search results relevant. This year it seems more and more people simply cannot sleep, as this holiday season online shoppers are taking up nocturnal searching habits more and more according to Google. Google’s latest statistics show about one third of all shopping terms searched for are taking place between the hours of 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. Shoppers no longer are confined to normal business hours. A series of simple tweaks can help you customize your ads to accommodate sleepless shoppers. For any online marketer the key element of success is to understand your target audiences ever-evolving habits, including, times of the day they search. Understanding this key info is critical to helping you optimize your online advertising, not only over the holidays but throughout the entire year.

Google has a trends page that can help you to determine which products are trending with web surfers around the world, grouped up by specific regions. Using this information, for example, you can target these audiences thanks to geo targeting techniques, including in your Google AdWords campaigns throughout the holiday season. This can help you identify not only trends that are hot right now but future trends that are in the process of becoming the next big thing. All it takes is insight when viewing the data. Google’s latest statistics also show that shoppers tend to be better informed consumers who take their time before committing to a purchase, often visiting between 10 to 12 websites before committing to the purchase of goods or services. To this end, Google suggests making use of ad extensions. Ad extensions are a type of ad format that show extra information, which extends from your text ads. These can be automated or manually entered.

Due to how many different webpages surfers view before committing to a product or service, you should also tap into this key feature of AdWords, called Ad customizers. Ad customizers will change your text ads to match the full context of a search result or a webpage that the surfer is viewing. You define the keywords and text that can be inserted, such as the time before a sale ends. These ads can be hyper-specialized to each search or webpage which is viewed for the ultimate in customization. You can even add time-sensitive calls to action such as a countdown that actually counts down to urge customers to take action.

You can also make use of another powerful tool this holiday season called Broad Match Modifier keywords.
These enable ads to show up in users searches that comprise a keyword with very controlled variants. You can add words like Buy and Gift for example to your ads. Some users reported an increase of clicks over 300% by simply making use of this tool. This can (when used correctly) also lower your cost per click substantially.

You should also make ample use of the website call conversions tool or conversion tracking. This will help you track which AdWords keywords you are using lead to the most clicks and most importantly conversions. This tool is free to use and will show you what happens every time a potential customer clicks on your ad, such as if they called from a mobile phone, downloaded your app or bought your product. You can use this data to hone in on campaigns that work and boost your overall return on investment as far as your ad money goes at any rate. You can then hone in on specific keywords, ads, ad groups, and campaigns that are proven to work for you and your business.

If you are worried about the cost of advertising this holiday season you can optimize your bids for AdWords exactly according to campaigns, ad groups, and keywords by flexible bids.
Flexible bid strategies allow you to automate bidding exactly when and where you want your ads to run, either with a single campaign or multiple campaigns. This can be used for example on your lower priority keywords to automatically optimize their bidding while you maintain manual control of your important keywords. This tool can be used to apply a “Target search page location” on your important keywords which can increase the chance that your ads will show up more on the first page of Google search.

If you want to make the most of Google AdWords it will pay off to investigate all of the many tools Google provides, because in knowledgeable hands they can deliver the success you need. Chances are your competitors are using the full array of tools available. Many of the failures seen with people using Google Adwords are due to lack of knowledge and application of all of the Google AdWords tools, many of which are free to use.

Can SEO Companies Guarantee Results For Google Rankings Ethically

Google has very prominently stated that no entity can promise a relevant #1 Google ranking. Companies can make certain promises that can seem true, but because results take time to quantify and understand, a scammer will have the time to disappear. So rather than say that no one can deliver a #1 Google ranking perhaps it is easier to say that no one can guarantee a #1 result that will produce traffic that actually patronizes the business. According to Google, the only real method to ensure successful, relevant rankings is to create compelling content that is delivered with authority. This means that spin mill articles and websites that are not dynamic or authorities in their field will not be ranked very well. This means that ethically no one can guarantee a #1 Google ranking except Google. It needs to be understood that Google is a tech company, and tech companies have to seek sources of revenue.

It is in Google’s interest to be the authority for what is relevant in their search engine instead of SEO scammers and amateurs with crude website tools that craft slow, boring websites. In addition, this approach will reward creativity. This means that developers that innovate will be ranked higher. This is a just reward for authoritative entities, those that have gone the extra mile and those that take risks. This type of development will produce a more dynamic WEB and bring in constantly higher rates of advertising dollars. Using creativity as a metric means that when companies or individuals innovate and create new trends, Google will recognize that entity’s authority on the particular subject or market, and that entity’s contribution by ranking them accordingly. Therefore, consistently top ranking sites will not bring readers and customers to a majority of boring, amateur sites, but to deeply relevant sites that informed consumers expect.

These consumers will be more apt to make purchases and use the advertising that comprises much of Google’s revenue. However, there are legitimate SEO companies, but many are now becoming a part of search engine marketing firms. A significant amount of the populace does not understand how the internet works as a business or technically. For these people, entering a Web based endeavor should always include advice and direction from reputable SEO and SEM companies. These companies can guide small companies, companies that cannot afford technical departments and individuals to successful Web ventures. In addition, some reputable companies will bill only after results are delivered and quantified, although attaching these to rankings is never a win win proposition for either party.