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  • Attorney & Lawyer Websites
  • Plumber, HVAC & Contractor Websites
  • Restoration & Water Damage Websites
  • Manufacturing & Supplier Websites
  • Real Estate & Apartment Websites
  • Roofing, Landscape & Handyman Home Improvement Websites
  • Salon, Spas, Massage & Healing Centers
  • Restaurant, Retail & E-Commerce Websites
  • Doctor, Dentist & Medical Professional Websites

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When you have a local business and you want to build an online presence, doing so is possible with search engine optimization, also known as SEO. Search engine optimization and marketing helps to give your website or local business more exposure through well-known search outlets today such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Understanding various search engine marketing factors that help to rank local businesses within search engines can help you to stay ahead of any potential competition while you are attempting to grow your own company.

It is essential to first pinpoint the demographic you are trying to reach and appeal to before you begin building and developing search engine marketing campaigns and advertisements. Implementing search engine optimization and marketing is not possible without a clear understanding of the group of individuals you want to reach with your ads and the links to your local company’s official website. When you know the age group, gender and various hobbies or interests your target audience has, it is much easier to formulate a marketing plan for search engines that genuinely works.

Choosing keywords wisely is also important to consider when you want to get your website within search engines. Selecting the right keywords can mean the difference between generating page views, visitors and sales and missing out altogether. Review the purpose of your local business and your main products or services that you provide to your customers. Write a list of the top 5 to 10 keywords that are most relevant to your company and to sustain your current business model.

The more active you are with publishing content and contributing your own comments or opinions online using your Google account, the easier it is to build your site’s page rank and its overall placement within search engines such as Google itself. Google authorship connects your Google account with many different online communities and platforms today, giving you the ability to contribute across thousands of sites and networks instantly. The more active you are with your Google account that is connected to your website, the easier it becomes to build your site’s overall popularity and page rank online.

Always avoid spam at all costs whether you are sending out newsletter emails or if you are simply launching new advertising campaigns within search engines themselves. Avoid posting to social media accounts, newsletters and even to your own site more than a few times each day. When you post repeatedly to your online followers and past customers, it can cause an annoyance, leading to you losing your followers and fans.

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